IC4604 Rho Ophiuchu Panel Data

Please feel free to use this data. If you use this data for any publication, a credit would be welcome.

Data taken with iTelescope T12 (Takahashi FSQ 106 ED, SBIG STL-11000M, Paramount PME and AstroDon filters.

There are two panels each with 1 each shot of luminance, red, green blue and hydrogen alpha.

Panel 1: 16:26:36 Dec: -24° 00′ 00″

Panel 2: 16:26:36 Dec: -26° 00′ 00″

M51 LRGB Raw Data

Images taken with iTelescope T21 (Planewave CDK 17″, FLI-PL6303E CCD camera, Planewave Ascension 200HR, Astrodon filters) January 11th and February 10th 2016. Images are calibrated and I have removed the bright vertical lines with FixFits.

Feel free to use the data. If you do use it, please acknowledge.




Dark Horse Mosaic Panel Data

9 panels of luminance data taken with T21.


Notes for creating mosaics with PixInsight

Based on notes i gave to the Seattle Astro Society Astrophotography SIG in July 2016


M45 (Pleiades) LRGB data

LRGB data taken with T14